Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Mobilize Your Data Collection

Mobile devices such as BlackBerry smart phones and Apple iPhones have forever changed the way people work and interact. Innovative applications, tools and rich media functionality are creating some fantastic business opportunities, and with a potential market of over 93 million mobile Internet users in North America by 2012, it is easy to see why. InSite has been at the forefront of mobile data collection and our tools and technologies have already shown up in some new and interesting environments.

Intercept surveys have been revolutionized with InSite's survey application. Using iPads and iTouch devices, conducting intercept surveys can be achieved in any environment. If you have a mobile Internet connection your data is automatically collected in our survey system. No connection? No problem. We've configured our application to cache survey results right on the device. Once you are back in range, your data automatically syncs into our survey system. It's that easy.

With InSite, surveys, polls, tests and quizzes can be configured to run on any smart phone or mobile device. Customizable features, functions and graphics give you complete control over what your users experience and, as always, you can even view the results of your surveys, polls and quizzes in real time, right on your smart phone.

InSite Messages will take your email marketing campaigns to a whole new level. With the ability to incorporate media-rich functionality, and with fully customizable data collection capabilities, your messages, newsletters, announcements and bulletins will stand out and be noticed. Build a new communications experience for your customers and employees and view detailed results of your campaigns instantly.

See how InSite is helping businesses and organizations capitalize on the tremendous opportunities of the mobile generation. Now you can connect with customers and employees anytime, anywhere, with InSite Surveys and InSite Messages.

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