Thursday, 8 June 2017

Considering the Cloud

Cloud computing is not the trend of the future; it’s the trend of the present. If companies still have reservations about going ‘in the cloud’, perhaps it is time to re-evaluate. It is understandable that businesses may have concerns but traditional software methods are fast becoming a dying breed. Cloud computing allows for a vastly reduced infrastructure with dramatically lower maintenance costs and license fees while also offering anytime, anywhere access to all authorized members of an organization, whether office-based or mobile.

The customer relations management (CRM) software market for enterprises is shifting. Businesses are rightly demanding that their system be extendable, scalable and user friendly. They expect software to allow not only for marketing and analytics but also to be able to integrate with social media. Research shows that the majority of customers now ‘tweet’ their queries or complaints rather than phoning help lines and companies that are not aware of this trend may soon find themselves losing customers. A colleague recently brought home to me the effectiveness of this when they told me that they had attempted to get help from a well-known major communications company. Three, yes three, phone calls later, each involving waits of 45 minutes to an hour, the problem was still not solved and the buck was being constantly passed. She then ‘tweeted’ her frustration and this led to an instant result. A satisfactory response was received and the situation was swiftly resolved. Leading IT research and advisory firm, Gartner, estimates an 80% increase in enterprise use of social networking tools through CRM. Social CRM strategies enable businesses to track and respond promptly to customer feedback or queries using Facebook or Twitter.

Mobility is also key; clients expect to be able to access their files easily while on the road whether on their smartphone, tablet or laptop. InSite’s data systems are fully compatible with BlackBerry, iPhone and other popular mobile devices. Surveys, polls tests and quizzes can be configured to work on any smartphone and, with iPads and similar devices, intercept surveys can be accessed anywhere.

Businesses have understandable apprehensions over issues of cost, security, integration and availability. Ongoing costs, as aforementioned, should be considerably lower with any cloud computing system. Most companies offering cloud computing have impressive security systems in place; getting into Fort Knox would be easier! Integration is also made simple by most providers and availability, especially for mobile users, should be a given. InSite Systems can offer seamless integration with full mobility and state-of-the-art security, both physical and technological. InSite also offers clients free daily security scans for all of its on-demand applications.

The benefits of the cloud are manifold while drawbacks are difficult to find. A professional cloud computing software provider will make every step of the changeover simple and stress free for the consumer.


  1. Wow this was definitely a very useful for all people considering the cloud for their business or work, you have outlined the advantages so well convincing many I'm sure. Thanks for informative post.

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